When you don’t plan ahead

Day 11 continued…

Leaving the Outer Banks, we meandered south towards Wilmington, NC. As we neared our hopeful parking spot for the night, I called the park to learn that they were full. I began the frantic search for a backup. After passing through the downtown streets of Wilmington, Matthew was a bit white-knuckled and ready to end the day. I was able to find a spot at Oak Island Campground. Did I mention that looking at reviews was not a task that I did? Oh my!  We pulled in to a park that was predominantly (okay entirely) full-time, permanent campers. Not the idea site but it would do. Matthew & I have been taking turns parking the rig – we both need the practice. We had decided in advance it was my turn. So we began the occasionally painful process of backing this HUGE thing. Within moments this guy came running from the other side of camp yelling at Matthew that he would back this thing up for us. Matthew kindly said no, we need the practice. He proceeds to literally jump on the running board of the truck by my window and started barking orders. I don’t mind taking advice but this whole situation was so uncomfortable for both of us. I was just glad when it was over. The sites were so close together that we literally had to step over our neighbor’s sewer hose to enter/exit our stairs! Ridiculous for the price! But you know, you live and learn. 

Sadly, no photos were taken of our site – leaning Coach beside us in all it’s glory!

We unhooked and headed out to grab fuel for the truck and for us! We did the southern thing and ended up at Bojangles’ Famous Chicken ’n Biscuits! So exciting for a Friday night. 

Day 12…

After a quick night of sleep we packed up and headed out. We couldn’t wait to have that night behind us and be on our way. We had reservations beginning on Sunday night in Charleston but they didn’t have availability for Saturday night. So we booked a State Park about  35 miles north. Unfortunately , it was a dreary day when we pulled in to Colleton State Park. It was a small campground right next to the Edisto River. After the fiasco of parking the night before, I was given another opportunity to back in with Mathew’s guidance. There was a group of men at the spot next door who were watching intently to my every move and not being shy about it. I was getting close to a tree and they all walked out of their site to the roadway to get a closer look. After successfully maneuvering around, they seemed a bit disappointed there wasn’t drama.

We took a little wet hike around the campground and down a few trails. Note to self, buy a rain jacket! Matthew and Lucas both have one! The camp host stopped by and said that there was a storm coming though later in the night and a bunch of campers had pulled out. We looked at the weather to learn that indeed Tropical Depression Nestor was heading our way. We were in for a rainy, hopefully not too windy, night.  In the morning we were heading to Charleston and staying put for an entire week!

One thought on “When you don’t plan ahead

  1. Well, if you haven’t seen the movie “RV” with Robin Williams, it is a MUST (hoping you might be able to soon) – or if you have already seen it, then laugh again while knowing things will turn out fine in the end. You are learning a new lifestyle (like children learning to walk?); it won’t take long and you’ll have the new techniques and habits built into a comfortable rhythm all your own – “acquiring memories” all the way! Pray for better weather and be willing to drive toward it.


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