Family time!

Day 13…

Sunday, October 20, 2019 – It was a noisy night with the rain but otherwise no wind. We were grateful because it was a heavily wooded campground.  We hoped to pack up early and make it to Charleston in time to attend church with Matthew’s parents, but the moisture slowed us down. Our check-in at the next campground wasn’t until noon so we headed to Matthew’s parent’s place. We did the usual Google Satellite check to be sure we would have ample space to park and turn around.

We decided to splurge a bit and spend the week at the Oak Plantation Campground just about 15 miles outside of Charleston and within 8 miles of Matthew’s parents. By splurge, we spent $55/night at a private campground versus the state/federal park price of $24 – $37/night. We saved on mileage to/from Charleston and it afforded us more spontaneous time with family. 

Lucas hung out with Oma & Opa while we set up our site. He was pretty excited about seeing them and, of course, helping walk their dog, Pipin. Mom made one of her specialties – Shepherd’s Pie – for lunch when we returned. It was perfect after a dam somewhat chilly day! We headed to Seabrook Island to walk the beach later in the afternoon and then ended the day giving them a tour of our home. By walk the beach, I mean Lucas practically went swimming. Thankfully, I had a change of clothes in the truck. We also took a drive by the lot where Mom & Dad are planning to build a house. There were stakes in the ground so it was easier to visualize what will be – hopefully within the next year. 

Day 14…

Monday, October 21, 2019 – We didn’t have much of a plan for the day other than to relax, wash laundry, restock groceries and take a LONG shower – in no particular order. It was good to just be. Lucas was happy that he could run around and explore without having to be in the truck. 

The campground had inexpensive laundry facilities and plenty of machines to do all the laundry at the same time. This was our first “laundromat” experience and it was pleasant – only $9.00 for 3 loads.

While I was doing laundry, the “mens” as Lucas calls them, played soccer, tetherball, fished (still no catch) and wandered around.  I popped out in between cycles to play a game of lawn chess – first time I played chess in my life. I lost. Quickly. 

We invited Oma & Opa over for dinner to celebrate – belatedly – their birthdays. (Lucas loves a good birthday party.) Black bean burgers, homemade mac & cheese & salad were dinner and Dad picked up a Key Lime Pie for dessert. We sat outside until we became dinner for the mosquitoes. 

Day 15…

Tuesday, October 22, 2019 – We headed to Fort Moutrie on Sullivan’s Island to explore, get a stamp and complete the Junior Ranger program. In all our visits to Charleston, we had never gone there. So interesting to learn of the changes to the Fort over the years – it was destroyed 3 times by storms – and wander around. 

From there we went to Isle of Palms and went to the beach. I need to learn to just put the boy in his swimsuit when we are within walking distance to a beach! He is just drawn to the water! Needless to say, I hosed him down in his underwear at the boardwalk rinse station much to my husband’s embarrassment. 

After lunch Lucas was begging to go to the pool in the campground. I had asked the day before if it was open so I’d know how to respond if he asked about it. Thankfully, it was open. Of course, we were the only souls near it! It was pretty warm – about 80 – so I jumped in too. It was one of those – once you’re in you kind of get used to it moments. He played for an hour or so before we made our way back to the RV. Lucas was asking to go to bed around 7:30! I think that was a sign of a good day! 

Day 16…

Wednesday , October 23, 2019 – Today was beach day! Matthew wanted to run on Seabrook Island and, of course, Lucas was thrilled to be going to the beach. I ventured in the water a bit but he was all in! This boy could run in the waves and play in water ALL.DAY.LONG! We took a picnic lunch and just soaked in the rays. Matthew returned from his run while we were attempting to build a sand castle – our skills were lacking. In the end, Lucas just wanted to knock it down anyways. We finally peeled the boy away from the sand & water and headed to the clubhouse to shower (me) and play basketball (Matthew). 

Arriving back at the RV, we went for a walk and played more soccer. I introduced Lucas to a payphone – unfortunately, it didn’t work! He was disappointed he couldn’t call Grandma in NY. 

Day 17…

Thursday, October 24, 2019 – Okay, so our bed isn’t good and by isn’t good I mean it’s awful! We tried adding a memory foam and it’s just…BAD! (RV’s don’t come with traditional mattresses.) We are tired of sleepless nights so the goal of the day was to pick out a new mattress. We have been researching for a couple months and decided to get a Sleep Number. Well, sticker shock! So we opted to “sleep on it” – wishing we literally could but no. We stopped by a traditional mattress store just to see what a less expensive bed would be like. 

From there we ventured to the Charles Pinckney Historic Site in Mount Pleasant. We didn’t have much time because of previously scheduled appointment for our truck so had to duck out early saying we’d be back the next day. Our truck had a recall item that needed attention as well as an oil change. So we decided to get that taken care of. Everything checked out fine but while the work was being done, Matthew had us all over the lot looking at higher powered trucks. He keeps saying, you think it’s slow going hills in the east – just wait until we get west. I’m fine putting on hazard lights when were drop under 45 mph! 

Day 18…

Friday, October 25, 2019 – We bought a bed! Unfortunately, we had to order it. Try figuring out a “home delivery” address when your mobile! We knew approximately where we’d be so just picked a friend’s address. Hope it all works out! …famous last words! 

We made it back to the Charles Pinckney Historic Site and completed the JR program and learned about all of Mr. Pinckney’s accomplishments.  He was a principal author & signer of the US Constitution, a govenor of South Carolina, a Senator & a House of Representatives Member.

When that was complete we decided to pop in on Mom at work. While there, she gave Lucas a job and he was thrilled. The boy loves to work – as long as it’s fun. (Don’t we all.) We tried to break her out of work early but she had a few things that needed to be completed. So we headed down to the Waterfront Park and walked around The Battery.

We then went back to Mom’s work as she had a couple jobs we could all help with. Once they were complete, we took her home. Dad had picked up pizza and we enjoyed dinner together. Lucas didn’t last long after dinner.

Day 19…

Saturday, October 26, 2019 – We were going to do something together but the weather was a bit iffy. So we didn’t make much of a plan ahead of time. Around 9:00, I suggested a spontaneous brunch at the RV. Matthew’s family has a tradition of waffles & mimosas on holidays so that’s what we did. We had been gifted a bottle of champagne at our “See You Later” party in June and had been carrying it around for a special occasion. This was it! So waffles and champagne it was!  We walked around the campground. Matthew & his Dad played a game of chess, Lucas & I were riding the swings, Oma & Lucas “played” horseshoes & tetherball. It ended up being a beautiful day. 

Dad had to show a few homes, so Lucas, Matthew, Mom & I headed to Seabrook Island for one more round at the beach. We made a pit stop to see the Angel Oak – a 400-500 year old tree.

We hung out at the beach a bit but Lucas decided he wanted to swim in the pool at the clubhouse, so we headed back there. The two us got in….cold! But he was having a great time. There is a lap pool inside and he asked to in there. I told him that he had to know how to swim without floaties in order to swim there. Well, I guess that was motivation he needed. He promptly decided he was going to learn to swim. He practiced and practiced – inhaling some water – but doing really well. He was so excited to show Oma & Daddy his new skills. He was doing great in 3 ft of water. I’ll let you know how it goes next time. 

Dad came back to join us and we headed to the Salty Dog at Bohicket. It started to rain a bit while we were there but we didn’t mind since we were on the balcony under a large umbrella. What a great ended to our time together. 

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