Georgia On My Mind

Day 23…

Wednesday, October 30, 2019 – moving day again! Thankfully the rain held off for us to tear down and hit the road. We set our site on Fort Yargo State Park in Winder, GA about 15 minutes outside of Athens and reserved for 2 nights. It’s fall in GA so apparently, everyone camps this weekend because there are NO sites available! Not planning ahead for more than a few days, we’re learning, can be a bit stressful. Also, kinda would like to have sunny weather. But maybe the people here need rain. So I’ll try to focus on just being with my family! Oh, we have a pull-through site! Oh happy day!!!! There was only minor backing required to ensure we didn’t sideswipe the little retaining wall. Unfortunately, it decided to start raining just as we arrived. 

We were pretty hungry so the “mens” went out to explore after we were set up – and there was a break in the rain – while I cooked an early dinner. Spaghetti with meatballs and salad were devoured upon their return. Lucas loves parmesan cheese while Matthew prefers not to get within 10 feet of it because of the smell. These guys!! 

Lucas fell asleep on the couch soon after the final World Series Game came on. Matthew and I stayed up (well, I dozed a few times) to watch the Nationals pull off the victory!! It was great to see our “home” team win!!

Day 24…

Thursday, October 31, 2019 – Matthew went for a run while Lucas and I went to find a laundromat. I am tired of carrying around the smelly towels from the beach on Saturday. I knew I should have washed them before we left! The damp weather the last 3 days hasn’t helped. There were several options and we found one within 2 miles. Lucas loves adding coins to the machines – I cringe – and then wants to learn how to fold his clothes. He caught the eye of the attendant and she gifted him 7 (not 1 but SEVEN) lollipops! He was pleased as could be and enjoyed 2 while we were sitting there. I may have been distracted talking to my friend, Danielle. But it’s all good. I also may have forgotten to feed him breakfast – other than hot chocolate – before we left camp.  – Today’s laundromat bill was $14.75! I must find new bath towels that dry quicker!

After a bit of leftovers, we went for a round of mini-golf. Lucas loves him some golf and every time we pass a golf course he begs to go play! This park had a fun little course and the “mens” played while I caught up with my friend, Katherine….and kept score from afar.  I’m finding it harder than I thought it would be to keep regular contact with my friends. Yes, we text but to have a good long conversation is what I need sometimes. Rhythm, in general, still doesn’t exist most days. We’re just beginning week 4 so I guess it will take time.  But hey, we planned our route (and booked campgrounds/driveways) for the next 12 – 14 days! So there’s a win and we both feel we can relax a bit better and enjoy the days.

Day 24…

Friday, November 1, 2019 – How is it November already? We took our time packing up. We have had several nights in the 30s with our propane heater set around 50. Mornings are made for coffee & snuggling. This electric fireplace & heated seats on the recliners sure help take the chill off.

Matthew cleans the roof before each departure & Lucas usually ends up watching a few videos. Check out was at noon. We pulled out at 11:55 and made a stop at the Dump Station.

Once the undesirable tasks were completed, we headed for Stone Mountain just east of Atlanta. A friend recommended this place and wow! What a fun adventure. We hiked for about 90 minutes to the peak. The effort was well worth the reward! And I have to say, I’m proud of our little hiker! (You can see the Atlanta skyline in a couple of the pictures.)

After our hike we headed to our first Harvest Hosts (HH) location. HH is a network of wineries, farms, museums & golf courses that allow RV’S to park on their properties free of charge. Typically, there are no hookups so it’s considered boondocking. The courtesy is that you either make a donation or a purchase at the establishment. There’s a small annual fee to have this privilege. We found Boutier Winery in Danielsville, GA that had great reviews. I called 2 days ahead to make sure it was available. The owner, Victor, was as kind as described in the reviews and we were excited to check out the place.

We arrived at 6:35 with last light being soon after 7. When you have our rig, you want to be settled before last light…preferably before sunset! The drive took longer than expected thanks to rush hour traffic. Man, we don’t miss that!!

The winery was open late for live music. Lucas enjoyed listening to the band warm up while I looked over the wine list. The mens headed back to the RV while I enjoyed a glass of Georgia Peach – Diva ‘Licious & picked out a bottle to share with friends. I chatted with the owner & his assistant. Victor Boutier is originally from the Netherlands and started the winery about 15 years ago.

The owner was gracious and allowed us to open our slides and run the generator as needed. This isn’t always the case with HH locations.

Day 25…

Saturday, November 2, 2019 – We woke to FROST! While cold, it was beautiful! Packing up didn’t take long as we had stayed hitched to the truck and kept things simple. The mens played soccer while I cleaned up inside. Must expend boy’s energy! I then wandered around to take a few pictures. Such a charming little place.

Today is “Home delivery” day for our new bed. We adjusted the delivery address to a local Walmart. Yes, you read that right. It was perfect, we could shop and eat lunch/hang out at the Chick-fil-a next door. Of course we were given the delivery window of 2-6 pm. Not ideal, but hey, we had no other plans.

We found a spacious corner in the parking lot. On the way to Walmart, we received a call that the delivery guys were delayed leaving the dock and it would be near the end of our window until they delivered. Good times!! Matthew ran into Walmart to buy extra cables to secure our generators that hang out in the bed of the truck while Lucas and I went to CFA. He’s been wanting to do it and today it was necessary. He soon joined us at CFA. Lucas was having a blast in the play area and enjoying his time with “friends” aka little people!

After a few hours we went back to the truck. Matthew was feeling uneasy about spending so much time parked there. So to keep us moving and entertained, we decided to pick up trash. The hillside we were parked by was littered. Lucas & Matthew put on rubber gloves (we have them on hand for dumping our tanks) and went to work. I followed them around with a large bag. In about 10 minutes the bag was full and the hillside looked so much better! Win win!

With more time to kill, we wandered to Home Depot and picked up a ladder. It was something we hadn’t had time to pick up before hitting the road but wanted on hand. It will especially come in handy when we need to wash the truck & RV. Thankfully, we found a small, expandable one that fits perfect in the bed of the truck. Sometimes I feel like everything we do involves a puzzle piece. 😊

We got the call around 5 that the delivery truck was on it’s way!! About 45 minutes later they were there – pulling up in a Pensky truck…not looking sketchy at all making a transfer to an RV! Oh well! We got our bed!

We left as quickly as possible and made our way to our overnight spot – a Cracker Barrel parking lot! Or as Lucas says “Crackle Barrel”! 💙 Some CB locations allow overnight RV parking. You just need to call ahead.

It was about a 45 minute drive. We were all a bit hungry so headed inside. We had a 10 minute wait which allowed for some checkers on the porch.

After a tasty meal, we chatted briefly with the manager to let him know we were spending the night. He welcomed us and wished us a good night’s rest. We went back to settle in for the night. Here we stayed hitched to the truck but we did lower our stabilizers to take a bit of weight off the truck and make the unit a bit more level. We were not able to open our slides and with the chilly temps decided to all snuggle in our bed together.

Day 26…

Sunday, November 3, 2019 – We survived the night with minimal heat and battery drain. Lucas slept great but the rest of us had the wrath of the ninja as we’ve nicknamed him. I can’t see how someone sleeps with so many quick movements…all night long!! Oh and it’s time change! So instead of waking up at the usual 6:30, we were awake around 5:45. Clearly the person who came up with this whole time change thing didn’t have small children! 

We showered quickly and heading back into Cracker Barrel for breakfast as the kitchen in the RV is not accessible with the slides in. We were greeted by a roaring fire in their fireplace. It was perfect! We then found a Starbucks next to a LARGE parking lot – an anomaly – so grabbed some joe. Then off to Aldi to stock up on grocery before heading to a remote state park. 

We had a less than 2 hour drive to our next stop – Chattahoochee Bend State Park in Newman, GA. It’s just southwest of Atlanta. (Fun Fact: Alan Jackson was from Newman. He wrote the song Way Down Yonder By The Chattahoochee. There’s a mural in the town for him. Sadly we didn’t drive in there to get a picture.)  We arrived about an hour ahead of check in so decided to go on a hike. It ended up being about a 45 minute hike. Perfect after a short night and a drive. 

Our site was pull-through and very spacious. We truly are loving the state parks. They allow for outdoor exploration and typically have a lot of space. We walked around the park – probably about 30 sites, a bath house with laundry, a huge playground and lots of hiking paths. The park is only about 5 years old. 

Day 27…

Monday, November 4, 2019 – We woke to chilly temps. Matthew headed out for a run while Lucas and I did laundry – visiting the playground in between loads. After a late breakfast, we decided to hike to tower along the Chattahoochee River. The trail was typically marked well, but we had to do a bit of back tracking to get to our destination. It was a beautiful hike and took about 90 minutes. Lucas loved it and did great keeping up. 

Matthew and Lucas took a drive to the Ranger Station to purchase wood. We decided to cook dinner over the fire pit. Dinner was turkey sausages & diced potatoes wrapped in tinfoil. So delicious. Of course, there were smores that followed. The Camp Hosts stopped by while dinner was cooking and we chatted. They are a full-time couple who have been doing hosting for several years. Most of the state parks have Camp Hosts who are volunteers (free camping for working). They keep the grounds & bath houses clean and organized as well as take care of any issues with campers. It’s something we may be interested in down the road so was fun to get more information about doing it. 

Tomorrow is moving day so I tried to get as much prep work done before turning in for the night.

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