Sweet Home Alabama

Day 28…

Tuesday, November, 5, 2019 – Packing up was a breeze. Some days just seem to go easier than others. Today’s destination, if you haven’t guessed is Alabama – Huntsville to be exact. This is a destination that has been much talked about in our household. It’s a city that we had never been to but came highly recommended as a place to settle when our travels end. We took state roads through GA into AL. It was a relaxing drive. We’re still trying to figure out some road signs – when it say No Trucks does it mean commercial or recreational? We’ve concluded it means commercial. Hopefully that’s a safe guess. We gained another hour entering the Central Time Zone – this could be interesting. 

We reserved a site for 3 nights at the US Space & Rocket Center Campground. And it did not disappoint. Well, the sites weren’t that great as we were literally sandwiched in between two spots but the location was amazing. Directly in front of our campground was a Space Camp rocket launching area as well as a wide open field – perfect for ball kicking.  While the mens burned some energy, I found an Aldi and picked up groceries. The ladies at the campground front desk recommended we stop by the Huntsville Visitor Center to pick up discount coupons for local attractions, including the US Space & Rocket Center. So I stopped in after groceries. The ladies there were so helpful and gave a bunch of recommendations. Too many fun things – too little time. 

We decided to drive around the city after dark – it was only 5:30! Lucas almost fell asleep. We had to keep talking to him to be sure he was with us. 🙂 We scoped out a few places we wanted to visit over the next couple of days. 

Day 29…

Wednesday, November 6, 2019 – It dawned a beautiful, sunny day so decided to do the museum on Thursday when it was supposed to be cloudy. After a hearty breakfast, we headed downtown. We parked near Big Spring Park. This city was such a surprise. We probably walked about 2 – 3 miles through the main area, a couple historical districts, a Veteren’s Memorial Park and this lovely waterway. So much to see! 

We snacked a bit and then headed to Monte Sano State Park for a hike. We had passed it on our way into Huntsville and thought it would have great views. There was a planetarium on site but unfortunately it’s only open on the weekend. 

Day 30…

Thursday, November 7, 2019 – The US Space & Rocket Center Museum opened at 9am. We were there around 8:45. It was supposed to rain late morning so we wanted to experience the outside exhibits before the rain arrived. We purchased tickets for the Planetarium in addition to the museum. Lucas was so excited about this day! He, of course, had to wear his rocket shirt. 

We immediately headed outside. There was a kids area that Lucas wanted to go in to. He saw a ride but had no clue what was going to happen. It’s probably good he didn’t. It took him up about 15-20 feet and dropped him up and down a few times. I’ve never seen his eyes so big. We talked him through it and in the end he was so happy he did it. 

We popped back in to the Planetarium for the 10:00 show. There were more people there than we expected for a weekday but apparently, it’s a popular school field trip destination. After the Planetarium, we decided to buy a ticket for Matthew to make the trip to the Redstone Arsenal. It’s where NASA assembles and tests rockets. It was a 2+ hour tour and we felt it may be too much for Lucas.

While Matthew was on the tour, Lucas & I continued to wander around the grounds and museum for another hour or so before heading back to our campsite 

We enjoyed a relaxing evening – eating brownie sundaes & watching westerns. We have a TV in the RV but typically just have access to local digital channels. The more expensive, private campgrounds will sometimes have cable. Otherwise, our options are limited which is just fine!!

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