Tennessee Here We Come!

Day 31…

Friday, November 8, 2019 – We took our time packing up today. No rush to get out because we have less than 3 hours on the road today!! We are headed to the Nashville area for a weekend with friends. As we were pulling out of the campground, we found a complete rocket on the ground by the road. (The rocket was launched by a Space Camp participant. Lucas was super excited about this find.) 

We zig zagged across the countryside of Alabama to Interstate 65. We enjoy stopping at Welcome Centers and Rest Areas. They’re easy in and out stops and we don’t have to worry about difficult parking areas. It’s the little things in life that make us happy! 🙂 Speaking of difficult stops – I was tasked with finding a lunch spot. Of course I picked a business park area and we had to abort the mission. Instead we ended up at a mall! Hey, at least it had a big parking lot! 

After our lunch stop, we headed to Benaiah & Jessica’s place. Matthew and Benaiah have been friends since birth! They have a cute little farmette outside of Nashville. For now they have several kinds of chickens, ducks & guineas but hope to expand. The irony is that Benaiah spent many years in Los Angeles. So we chuckle thinking of him as a farmer but he loves it and has adopted the role quite nicely – overalls & all!  Once we got the rig parked, we enjoyed a relaxing evening together catching up. It’s been several years since we’ve seen them. They’ve added 2 Boston Terriers (Lashes & Mustache) to their family and Lucas loved playing with them.

Day 32…

Saturday, November 9, 2019 – We had a slow morning, relaxing a bit. Then Jessica & I went to Home Goods/TJMaxx while Lucas & Matthew went to Tractor Supply to refill our propane tank. With the cooler weather (highs in the 40’s & lows in the upper 20’s), we’re having to refill a bit more often. Benaiah missed out on the adventure because he had to work. It was fun to have a little “girl time”! I needed another set of sheets for our bed & Lucas’s. I thought one set would be enough but it will be easier to have 2. Picked up a couple Melissa & Doug activities for Lucas to enjoy while driving.

After meeting back at the house, we headed to a 2 year old’s birthday party. This little guy is the son of another friend Matthew grew up with. It was a pleasure being able to meet him & his family. He & Matthew hadn’t seen each other in about 29 years. Lucas loved having little people time and especially the bounce house! He really does miss his friends and having children to play with. 

When we returned to the house, Lucas helped Benaiah “herd” the birds back into their pen. This boy loves to work. Jessica made a delicious beef stew which was perfect for a chilly evening. 

Day 33…

Sunday, November 10, 2019 – It was a chilly weekend and we were looking ahead to possible sleet & snow by Tuesday/Wednesday. Because of this, we decided to head south to Mobile, AL for the week versus staying put. Matthew has wanted to visit Mobile anyway, so it was a pretty easy decision. We had medical appointments scheduled for Monday morning so planned to head out after that. 

Matthew went for a run and Lucas wanted to help Benaiah build fence. Jessica made us a hearty breakfast of sausage gravy & biscuits. Lucas popped in to play with the puppies and then he had to get back to work on the fence. We decided to head downtown Nashville to explore a bit. I couldn’t be that close to the Music City and not at least peak around. 

First stop was the Grand Ole Opry – Matthew rested in the truck while Lucas & I walked around about 10 minutes. 

Next we decided to go downtown. It was Game Day for the Tennessee Titans – they were playing against Kansas City Chiefs. The stadium is just across the river via a walking bridge from downtown. We ended up finding a place to park and then walked a couple miles. 

Next we drove past Vanderbilt & then past the replica of The Parthenon in Centennial Park. 

While I would have loved to experience the interior of some of these locations, I was happy with being able to just visit and spend time in the city. 

We headed back to the house for football, dinner and a final evening of fellowship. We said our see-you-laters to Benaiah as he would be heading to work early in the morning. 

Day 34…

Monday, November, 11, 2019 – We started the morning with haircuts for the mens. They were overdue! I’m the barber. I’ve been cutting Matthew’s hair for about 8 years and decided about 2 years ago to start cutting Lucas’s. It’s surprisingly easier than I expected. Our Wahl trimmer has more than paid for itself. Yay! We were able to quickly complete our medical tests, hitch up and say farewell to Jessica & the puppies.

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