DAY 38…

Friday, November 15, 2019 – We packed up the rig, went one last stroll around the campground loop – kicking a ball – before jumping in the truck. We pulled out at exactly 11:00 – checkout time!

We headed north on US 45 towards Tupelo, MS. It was an uneventful drive. Sorry – not overly impressed with Mississippi countryside. However, the destination – especially the people – we were pretty excited about. We were going to visit a friend who we hadn’t seen in about 12 years. Greg was a groomsman in our wedding. Him & I met at church in 2002. When Matthew and I began dating, they became friends as well. A year later he moved to MS but made the trek to NY for our wedding. In the past 12 years, he became a Registered Nurse, got married to Ashli and they have 2 children, Hazel (6) & Henry (2).

The plan was to park in their driveway for the weekend. Well, the driveway was very narrow, the street didn’t have much wiggle room and after about 6 attempts and a change of directions, Matthew was ready to give up (we’d been at it about 30+ minutes). I asked for one more attempt and was successful! We’re doing much better about staying calm through the parking process. As soon as we parked, we went inside to meet the family and enjoy pizza together. The kids hit it off immediately! We were excited that Lucas would have an entire weekend with other children and he was too! It was a great evening of getting to know Greg’s family and catching up. We were so warmly welcomed into their home! 

Day 39…

Saturday, November 16, 2019 – As soon as Lucas was awake he was begging to go inside and play with the kiddos. We headed in and they picked up where they left off. After breakfast, the guys went for a run. They both have a love for running. When they returned, we all grabbed a quick bite then Lucas, Matthew, Greg, Hazel & I headed to the park. The plan was to wear the kids out – it took longer for Lucas to wear down than Hazel. 😉  We returned to the house for a relaxing evening. More talking, laundry washing, spaghetti and more play for the kiddos! Ps – Ashli fed us so well all weekend!

Day 40…

Sunday, November 17, 2019 – We joined Greg’s family at church on Sunday. We couldn’t all fit in one vehicle so we split the girls & the boys! 🙂 Lucas was able to attend Sunday School with Hazel and even had some stage time to sing Jesus Loves Me (his selection) & Attitude of Gratitude. (He handled the mic like a pro! LOL) We enjoyed the fellowship and meeting their circle of friends. 

Afterwards, we took a driving tour of the city which included Elvis’ Birthplace, his favorite burger spot – Johnnie’s Bar-B-Q Drive-In and Veteran’s Memorial Park. The kids held up well on candy & animal crackers! We returned home around 2pm and immediately inhaled leftovers! 

We continued conversations and after sitting in church and being stuck in the cars, the kids (and Dads) commenced to racing around the house…inside! So much giggles & laughter! Before the evening was over, Greg skillfully crafted a cell phone holder will legos so we could get a group photo.

Day 41…

Monday, November 18, 2019 – We woke up early to say our goodbyes to our gracious hosts. They took such great care of us. It was a refreshing weekend and so good to catch up with Greg & his family! We packed up and pulled out soon after 9am! Next destination – Hot Springs National Park, Hot Springs, AR! As we were leaving town, we drove a few miles on the Natchez Trace National Scenic Trail. This route goes from Tupelo, MS to Nashville, TN. We’re told it’s similar to the Blue Ridge Parkway. 

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