A Texas Wedding

Day 55…

Monday, December 2, 2019 – Lucas and I went into Cracker Barrel for breakfast and picked up a breakfast sandwich for Matthew to eat on the rode. I started the drive for the day – my reason was that Matthew had to eat his breakfast. I do very little driving and sometimes miss it so try to get in a bit of wheel time here and there. We drove through the outskirts of Tulsa and soon headed south. 

Our first stop was at the Texas Welcome Center. Can I just say, they know how to make a welcome center! We ran around, picked up a few brochures, the attendant gave Lucas 2 coloring books, ate some PB&J’s and ran some more! After about an hour break, we got back on the road. Our destination is an RV Park in Terrell, TX. Our route took us into the north east side of Dallas. Wow, again a reminder that we don’t care for city traffic. 

We arrived safely at the Terrell RV Park, checked in and got set up. Unfortunately, this park was pretty close to Interstate 20 and we could hear the highway noise in our RV a bit. Our hope is that more RV’s come in and park between us and the road. 

Once settled in, I headed to a local dry cleaners to drop off Matthew’s suit. My Mom had shipped it to MO so he would have it for the upcoming wedding. It’s been awhile since he wore it and needed a good cleaning. The local dry cleaners were friendly and said it would be ready the next day! After a quick pit stop at the grocery store, I headed back home. It was early to be for all. 

Day 56…

Tuesday, December 3, 2019 – We planned for a relaxing, catch up day as we knew the next 3 days were going to be busy with wedding festivities. Thankfully, the RV park had a great laundromat on site so Lucas and I ran back and forth a few times in between cycles. Matthew was able to get out for a run also.  We also added a few Christmas decorations to make things festive in the RV. I had packed a few items, picked up a couple items at the dollar store and our friend, Sean, gifted us the adorable little camper! (Yes, I’m aware I don’t have a stocking! Do you know how hard it is to find a “V”??)

I stopped by my friend Amanda’s place to pick up my bridesmaid dress that I had shipped to her. My dress was a custom online order so I wanted to be sure it fit properly. While I’m handy with a needle & thread, I was really hoping I wouldn’t need to pull off any alterations. Thankfully, I did not! Amanda picked a great online bridal shop called Azazi that was really easy to use. All her bridesmaids were out of state and this site allowed us to fit on a dress for $10 and then custom order when we were ready. Very convenient. 

In know I briefly mentioned this wedding in a prior post. For reference, Amanda and I met in 2003 when she advertised a room for rent on a local church forum back in VA. I had been hoping to move closer to DC because of my job and was striking out on finding a reasonably priced place. Matthew and I had been dating a few months and he was helping me in my search. Each place we went to just felt off for one reason or another. Well, we drove to Arlington and met Amanda, toured her townhouse and chatted for about 45 minutes. When we left, Matthew said “this is the place”. Shortly thereafter, I moved in with Amanda and we became fast friends. We only lived together a year as she took an overseas work assignment but our friendship continued. In 2005, she was one of my bridesmaids! Time moved along, we stayed in touch as best we could with busy DC careers and then in 2014 she moved to Texas. Two years ago, she met Jason through a mutual friend. After they met, they discovered that she was going through the drive-thru of Starbucks most mornings and he was sitting inside that same Starbucks doing freelance work. Fast forward, they were engaged at Christmas 2018 and soon after started planning their December 2019 wedding. 

We began our travels knowing we had to be in Texas by a certain time. 🙂 I’m so very excited to be able to help Amanda get ready for the wedding and be there to witness this great event for them. 

Day 57

Wednesday, December 4, 2019 – Amanda come over for a visit to see our “home” and for us to catch up a bit. After coffee, her and I headed over to Jason’s house (soon to be their home) for a quick tour before we dug into wedding prep. Matthew and Lucas were on their own for the remainder of the day. 

Amanda and I grabbed a quick lunch and then headed to her house to go over decorations and the agenda. While Amanda got her nails done, I went to pick up her Mom. Her mom was going to put together the centerpieces for the tables. We were either going to use pine branches or garland. After visiting Lowes, she decided to use a wreath instead. We picked up Amanda, returned to the house and got to work on assembling a centerpiece. Things are getting real. It’s coming together!! 

The three of us went to dinner in the little town of Forney at Mama’s Daughter’s Diner. Matthew and Lucas picked me up there. The plan was to meet back at Amanda’s around 11 the next day to load everything and take it the venue. 

Day 58

Thursday, December 5, 2019 – We had a slow morning in the RV before heading out to buy Matthew a new pair of jeans & a shirt for the rehearsal dinner later. He’s been shrinking so needs a pair of jeans that fit. After a quick stop at Bucee’s for a Jalapeno Sausage Cheddar Biscuit for the Bride-To-Be, we headed to her house to load up. We filled her car and all the empty spaces in our truck (we have the big 5th wheel hitch plus a tool box in the back) with no room to spare. Matthew & Lucas headed to the wedding venue while Amanda and I went to pick up the flowers & Starbucks coffee.  Yes, the Starbucks where the bride & groom first met provided coffee for the setup time and then delivered more for the reception – all free of charge. 

After arriving at Country Charm Events, we ate a quick lunch and then got to work. We started with a clean slate and within 4 hours we had the place ready to go! It was such a fun transformation and an incredible group of willing helpers!! Amanda had most everything written down so we were able to execute quickly. The entire bridal party & parents were on hand to get things done. In between, we took a quick brake to do the rehearsal. Lucas & Matthew had headed back to the RV for a nap since we knew it’d be a late night. 

Around 6:30, we headed to the Hilton in Rockwall to change clothes and enjoy the rehearsal dinner. Matthew & Lucas met us there. We had delicious food, fellowship and a few toasts to the couple. The favors for the occasion was a box of beautifully decorated sugar cookies! We enjoyed them for several days. 

I was able to take Amanda’s car so that I had it in the morning for my hair appointment and the boys wouldn’t need to drop me off. 

Day 59

Friday, December 6, 2019 – WEDDING DAY!!!! I had a hair cut scheduled for 9:00 in Rockwall – about a 25 minute drive from the RV park. After a quick stop at Walmart for a couple last minute items, I was on my way. I arrived at the adorable little Ami Kristin Studio a few minutes late but Jade gave me a quick cut and style. I was desperately in need of a cut so it worked out perfect to have her style my hair for the wedding! Another bridesmaid showed up a 9 for her style and the Bride & Maid Of Honor had their hair and makeup done just down the street. Once Christina (Bridesmaid #4) was done, we headed out to the venue to finalize a few things and get ready to receive the bride. 

The venue was perfect with a house that included a full kitchen and bridal suite. The groom & groomsmen had a “man cave” area in what may have been a garage at one time for them to enjoy time together and get ready. The wedding took place in a white barn with the reception area attached. Looking back, I should have taken more photos but I was a little busy. 

We were all gathered, a few pictures were taken before the ceremony and then things started to move in super speed! But we all made it into our place for the 4:00 ceremony. The officiant was a high school friend of the groom. It was a beautiful ceremony with a gathering of about 80 friends and family. It truly was a wonderful celebration of love! 

After the bride & groom were sent on their way, the setup crew went into cleanup mode! We packed the place up in record time. I drove Amanda’s car to their house, put the leftover food (and cake) in the fridge and car in the garage. We arrived back to the RV around 1245am. Exhausted but it was worth every ounce of energy! 

Day 60

Saturday, December 7, 2019 – After sleeping in, we headed back to the Hilton in Rockwall to have brunch with the Newlyweds and a few other remaining family & guests. We made a few more friends though this wedding and it was great to have a bit more time with them and bid our farewells. 

Leaving there we decided to explore a bit of Dallas and ended up in Grapevine. It’s a Christmas city this time of year so we parked and walked around a couple hours. We made a quick stop at In & Out Burger on our way.

We returned to the RV tuckered out and ready to turn in early. We are leaving town tomorrow en route to Waco, TX.

Day 61

Sunday, December 8, 2019 – We packed up and hit the road around 11:00. We made a quick pit stop at Bucee’s before we headed southwest. Lucas refused to take a picture with Santa Bucee but wanted me to.

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