Brazos Bend State Park

Day 73 Continued…

Friday, December 20, 2019 – We traveled south from Galveston Island on San Luis Pass Road to the Bluewater Highway before going inland. We passed areas that seem so very far away from amenities like a grocery store. It looks like it’s mostly seasonal living but you’d have to bring your food with you.

While en route, a passerby told us that we had a window flapping in the breeze. We quickly stopped and I went to inspect. I had left the bedroom window (an emergency exit) open after we emptied our tanks. I typically use that window to talk to Matthew while the tanks are draining and we do a tank flush. This time, I forgot to secure it. Thankfully, there was no damage and we were grateful for a concerned passerby. 

We arrived at the park and got set up. This was not one of our (Matthew & I’s) best moments getting positioned in the site. Frustration took over more than it should have. Just being honest, it’s not all blue sky & rainbows.

We are only staying one night. After parking we did our usual walk around to explore. Lucas found a playground. They had one of those old metal slides. I forgot to warn him how fast you can fly down those – let’s just say, he shot off the end, landing on his back! Thankfully, he wasn’t injured and from then on, he used his feet at breaks! 🙂 While there, another family joined us that had 2 sons near Lucas’s age. We chatted while the boys played. 

Homesickness and the reality of not being with family/friends for Christmas is starting to hit me hard.

Day 74…

Saturday, December 21, 2019 – We had breakfast and packed up the RV. We didn’t need to rush out, so decided to go for a hike and hunt for alligators. We didn’t expect to find any but thought we’d at least try. It was a nice walk in the woods nonetheless. Lucas needed to stop about every 10 feet to look through the binoculars and feel the spanish moss. Also, while looking at the legend sign he pointed to the Composting Toilet icon and said “There’s a moon watching place”. Yes, son, it sure it.

This park is mostly wooded with plenty marsh & water. I’m sure in the summertime it’s a favorite for mosquitoes. While seeing alligators would be great, I’m thankful it’s too cold for mosquitoes!

We are on our way to Stephen F. Austin State Park – directly west of Houston on Interstate 10. It’s a short drive today – just over an hour.

2 thoughts on “Brazos Bend State Park

  1. Great scenery, great photos…Luke is growing up – what an education for him.  For some reason I didn’t realize you had a “fifth-wheel,” but now I feel better.  Much safer than the long “tongue” I saw  photo of before.  Please continue to be safe.  We talk about the three of you often and wonder how things are going – from what I see here, things are “A-OK.”  Take care, and God Bless frank & jewell


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