Galveston Island State Park

Day 70 Continued…

Tuesday, December 17, 2019 – After breakfast from Magnolia Table, we hitched up and prepared to head southeast towards Galveston Island State Park. We debated on going in the easterly direction but it’s a spot Matthew wanted to see. So why not. The 5 hour drive was uneventful – the way we like it. We saw the MVP’s/Icons of Texas – the Highway Road Crews. There is SO.VERY.MUCH road construction in this part of the country. On our way, we passed through Houston. 

Upon arrival at the park, we purchased a Texas State Park pass. For $70, it would allow us free entry in the park – in TX it’s a per day, per person fee as well as half price camping on your second night. We knew with this park visit alone, we would recoup the fee. We also figured we would be staying at a few more State Parks before leaving the state. It’s a big state and they have plenty of state parks. 

The RV area wasn’t that big at this park, so Lucas was giving permission to ride the entire loop. There was a pretty unique concrete pavilion in the center. 

Day 71

Wednesday, December 18, 2019 – Today we explore but first, popcorn for breakfast. 🙂 The Christmas decorations are now a part of the set up/tear down routine. We headed to San Jacinta State Historical Site which is where the Texas won independence from Mexico. The monument is similar in shape to the Washington Monument and 570 feet tall. They say it’s about 30 taller than the Washington Monument. We took the 90 second elevator ride to the top – they don’t allow you to walk on your own. The views were mostly of oil/fuel tanks but it was interesting nonetheless. 

From there we drove by Battleship Texas – the last surviving World War 1-era battleship. It was closed for it’s impending departure to Norfolk for repairs, Just up the road there was a small ferry across a canal. We took this to save about 45 minutes backtracking and the plus side, it was FREE. 

We now headed toward Sea Rim State Park. We were thinking about coming there for a night or 2 but found mixed reviews online and thought we’d check it out in person. On our way there, we discovered road connecting it to Bolivar Peninsula was damaged during Hurricane Harvey which meant we would have to backtrack almost an hour. We quickly aborted that mission. and instead went straight to Bolivar Peninsula. 

Across the miles on a perfectly clear day, we could see plumes of smoke. As we approached we saw it was a marsh fire that had reached the edge of the road. Because of the intense heat & thick smoke, we decided to wait about 30 minutes before continuing on down the peninsula. We later learned it was a controlled burn. 

Upon reaching the Galveston Island Ferry, we were told during our truck inspection that we couldn’t have a gas can on board.  We carry a small can on the back of the truck for the generators. Our options were to find a place to throw it away or drive almost 2 hours back the way we came. We were all getting hangry at this point and the mere thought of having to backtrack was not pleasant. I remembered passing a gas station a few miles back so we thought we’d go there and ask someone to take the gas can. It ended up being 9 miles back but once I talked to the attendant and he took the can, we were on our way back to the ferry.  This was a much larger ferry and the ride lasted about 18 minutes. No wildlife was spotted other than seagulls and few other birds. Lucas was quite entertained chasing the seagulls. 

We decided to stop by the ocean for a bit of peace & serenity before heading back to our RV. Our boy definitely loves the beach! 

We ended the day with more bike riding and a card game of Golf. Oh, I removed the right training wheel today as it was completely bent and no longer touching the ground. 🙂

Day 72

Thursday, December 19, 2019 – Today we stayed close to home. We met our neighbors, Charlie & Eleanor. They have been full time for almost 3 years and are Texas natives. We love to ask fellow RVers for recommendations of places to go and hear of their experiences – especially those living in their RV’s full time. There is so much information out there on RV’s that sometimes it gets overwhelming. Meeting people and hearing first hand is much preferred by me. 

I spent about 30 minutes on the phone with the Texas State Park Reservation Office to find availability for the next few weeks. We weren’t aware that camping was so popular at the holidays but I guess with kids being out of school it makes sense. We are going to be hoping around for a couple weeks. I guess it’s a great way to explore the state.

On the way into town, we had passed a mini golf spot just a mile up the road from our campground. Lucas has been begging to play golf again so we decided today was the day! We headed to Magic Carpet Golf to see what we could see. It was just across the road from the ocean so had pretty spectacular views. After 18 holes, Matthew wanted to go to the batting cage on site. The mens both enjoyed a few rounds of pitches. 

From there we decided to grab lunch at Gordita’s Mexico – again, across the street from the ocean. Lucas was pretty excited to see the ocean while eating lunch. 

We headed to downtown Galveston to drive around a bit. We had also seen a park the day before we thought we’d check out. It ended up being further out of town than we expected and then had an entrance fee. Instead we decided to find ice cream in Galveston. We found a parking spot and headed out on foot to find ice cream. Unfortunately, the shop we had in mind was closed for a winter break. We walked around town a bit and found ice cream but we only got it for Lucas as it wasn’t as exciting as we’d hoped. He was pretty pleased with it. 

We wondered around town a bit more before heading to the Post Office. I had a couple letters, postcards and a package to mail. After that was done, we returned home. 

Day 73

Friday, December 20, 2019 – I promised Lucas we would go the beach one more time this morning before heading to the next park. This may be the last time we see the coast for awhile. After breakfast and while Matthew was getting in one more run, we hopped in the truck. The beach was about half a mile from our campsite. It was FREEZING cold! We were actually able to drive the truck onto the beach which Lucas thought was pretty cool. We didn’t last long because of the wind so soon returned to the RV to pack up. While Matthew & I were packing, Lucas was busy drawing. When we got in the truck, he presented me with my “wine glass”! Guess my boy knows me well.

We’re going to Brazos Bend State Park today. It’s on the southwest side of Houston and is known for it’s alligators. I’m thinking it may be too chilly for them to be moving but Lucas is hopeful.

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