Inks Lake State Park

Day 80 Continued…

Friday, December 27, 2019 – We don’t have a very long drive today, so we took our time packing up. Today we would be heading into the Hill Country region of Texas – technically Austin is the beginning of Hill Country. We pulled out of our site a few minutes before 12. There was a line at the dump station but we were in no rush. 

As we saw Austin in our rearview mirror, we started to see the rolling hills. The further northwest we drove, the nicer it got. Matthew even said “Now I can say we are in a pretty part of Texas”. 

Arriving at Inks Lake, we set up, ate a bit of lunch and headed out for our walk. We are seeing a trend where we only plan to be gone a little bit and end up on a hike! Lucas road his bike while Matthew and I walked. We came to a trail and decided to check it out. Lucas parked his bike by a tree and we set out on foot. It was a quick hike with incredible views. We tried to capture the view in our family photo but couldn’t do it justice. 

While we kind of feel like we’re in a fishbowl as far as our site, it’s a really beautiful park. Oh and the same model of RV was parked in the spot beside us!

Day 81…

Saturday, December 28, 2019 – It was an overcast day, so after Matthew’s run, we decided to go to a few wireless stores hoping to narrow our Hot Spot search. Before leaving, I did chat briefly with the family in the 31MB beside us. They just bought it a few weeks prior and were on their first outing. They pulled out pretty early to head back home. 

We drove about 45 minutes to Marble Falls to visit a few wireless stores to discuss solutions for remote access. We made a few stops and honestly felt more confused in the end. Stopped at Starbucks for an hour or so to get online and look at some future campground options for the next couple weeks. 

Headed back to our campsite for a relaxing evening. On the way drove by an amazing stone castle but unfortunately, couldn’t get a good picture of it. A google search showed it was the Falkenstein Castle. It appears to be privately owned but may host some public events. 

Day 82…

Sunday, December 29, 2019 – We had a slow morning. After brunch we headed out on a hike. We didn’t have an exact plan but at least we had water! We soon found a path and decided to follow it. We ended up in the middle of a rocky area that appears to have recently been burnt. While on a peak, we did a video call with my family as they were gathered for their Christmas celebration. I’m so very thankful for video chats – there is nothing like seeing the faces you love! In total, we hiked about 4 miles. We may have gotten off the main trail for a period of time and had to improvise but eventually found the official trail. 

Returned home famished, as usual. We bought a bundle of wood for $10 to build a fire for dinner. The only problem is you need kindling to build a fire. All the state parks have strict policies about collecting your own fire wood. But we usually find a few twigs around the camp to help out. We also started saving our cardboard (cereal boxes, toilet paper rolls, granola bar boxes) which works great to help start the fire. Occasionally, I’ll use the blower when Matthew isn’t looking.  Ended the night roasting a few marshmallows on the fire and preparing for the next days move to Guadalupe River State Park which is just north of San Antonio. 

Day 83…

Monday, December 30, 2019 – We woke up to frost – see bike seat above. 🙂 It was a chilly and fast moving pack up! We had about a 30 minute wait at the dump station. Matthew spent the wait chatting it up with one of the Park Hosts. 

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