South Llano State Park – Junction, TX

Day 93…

Thursday, January 9, 2020 – Pictures don’t really do justice for the landscape around here. We took the short 2 hour drive to South Llano River State Park. The couple we met in Galveston had been Camp Hosts at this park and highly recommended that we visit. I have to say this park is probably our second favorite state park in Texas so far. The sites were spacious and the best part – lots of armadillos! Those little guys are not afraid of humans! They would wander within a few feet of you. 

We got settled in and walked around camp before nightfall. I lost cell service about 45 minutes prior to the park. Thankfully, Matthew has service in the event of an emergency.  

Day 94…

Friday, January 10, 2020 – Our truck is due for an oil change and there is a minor recall that should be addressed. We decided today was the day as we didn’t know when we would be back near a larger city. I decided to take advantage of some time on my own and headed back towards Kerrville. The local Ford shop was friendly and had the oil change done in about 45 minutes. I used that time to catch up with my friend, Katherine from CO Springs. I then moved to the main service area for the recall fix. I was told it would take about 2.5 hours. I did some journaling then decided to walk to a little Mexican restaurant for lunch. I returned to the shop and waiting about 30 more minutes until the work was complete. 

After a stop for groceries & fuel, I was headed back to Junction, TX. I made a few other phone calls before my service ended. 

Upon my return, I tried desperately to get Lucas back on his bike. He has refused to ride it since his crash last week. I really hope we can get him going again soon. He was doing so well. After a few attempts, I decided we’d go for a hike. The fresh air would do us both good. We chose the “Overlook Trail” which he kept saying “is that an overlookie?” The hike ended up being about a mile each way and the view from the Overlook was beautiful. No pictures from the hike because I forgot my cell phone.

We returned and started a fire to cook dinner. I had baked potatoes, grilled chicken and a mix of roasted vegetables. 

Day 95…

Saturday, January 11, 2020 – After a relaxing morning in the camper, it was time to go for a hike. I had promised Lucas yesterday that we could bring a picnic on our hike today to eat at the overlook. My Mom’s family was gathered in Lancaster, PA for their annual Christmas Dinner and being on the mountain top, we had great video call service. While the chat with family was brief, it was so good to see the faces of those I love.

We ended up hiking a few other trails on our return. It was such a beautiful day to be out.

Upon our return, I decided to bike a few miles to see the river and enjoy a few moments of solitude. It was so peaceful.

We noticed yesterday that a family had moved in across from us. Whenever Lucas sees children he wants to talk to them but then decides that he’s shy and wants me to do the talking. We all know he isn’t shy but I typically oblige! 😉 He & I went for a little walk (while kicking a ball) on the trail near their camper and when we came back, their son came over to kick the ball with Lucas. Introductions were made and conversation started.

Kevin, Angela, Reed (age 4) & Savannah (18 months) are from Florida and have been living in their Airstream since August. Their reason for traveling is a simpler life and more time together as a family. They have a few rental properties they manage while on the road.

Lucas and Reed seem to hit it off and are enjoying playing together for a little while.

Day 96…

Sunday, January 12, 2020 –  Matthew went for a run and I vacuumed the truck. As you’d expect, we spend a lot of time in the truck and I think this is the first vacuum! To no one’s surprise lots of crumbs were found in Lucas’s car seat!

While cleaning, two gentlemen stopped by to ask about the truck performance with the trailer. I try to act like I know what I’m talking about it but did suggest they stop back by when Matthew returned. The one gentleman was from Alaska and the other from California.

Lucas and Reed started playing together as soon as we stepped outside. They have construction equipment and are having a grand time digging in the dirt and fire pit ashes. In between digging, they were playing kickball.

Conversation with our “Florida Friends” was easy and enjoyable. We spent late afternoon and evening together, even roasted a few marshmallows. We talked about future travel plans and the men talked about solar.

When getting Lucas ready for bed, he said he had a bug bite under his arm that was itchy. I had him lift his jammies only to discover that a black tick was attached to him near his left underarm area. I tried to remain calm so he wouldn’t freak out. Thankfully, I was able to use a tissue and pull it off in one piece. I applied our standard bug bite stick to the area and he seemed to be okay. There was definitely a mark where the tick was attached.

After tucking him in, I took the tick (dead) to the bath house trash can. I did NOT want that thing in the camper – even if it was dead. Angela was in there so I told her in case she wanted to check her kids. Who knows exactly how it happened but the boys were playing on the ground ALL day. Matthew googled ticks in Texas which there are typically 3 different kinds. The black tick usually is the carrier of Lyme. We are hoping for the best.

Day 97…

Monday, January 13, 2020 – As soon as we woke up, I checked Lucas’s bite. It’s just a little dot – no change from last night. I took a picture to document but feeling uneasy.

We packed up camp and prepared to head out. In conversation with Kevin & Angela, who were heading directly to Big Bend National Park, we tentatively planned to meet up with them there by the end of the week. Again, it’s so good to connect with people and we are excited about hopefully seeing them soon.

We had a 4 hour drive plus a stop at Walmart to restock so headed out around 11:00. The next destination is Davis Mountains State Park, Fort Davis, TX. 

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